I strive for this verse:

"Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: "Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all." Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised." Proverbs 31:28-30

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Oh and Aliyah checked out this chapter book from the library. There are no pictures in it. She will cuddle up with her book and claim she is on chapter 8 and it's a good book! She is so funny how she desires to read big books like her brothers!

An unexpected valentine

My children all made me valentines which I expected (any time that gives them a reason to be creative and artsy they are all for it) and loved dearly!! However, there was a valentine that was unexpected and almost brought tears to my eyes. This came from my neighbor's 11 yr old daughter, which I love dearly. I know that she loves us, yet it became apparent even more so with her valentine. As a side note, if Molly didn't have a mom and dad....I would gladly adopt her into our family! I love this girl!

The hearts say this:

green heart: Dena, Frank, and family you are very, very special to me!
yellow heart: You feel like my reall family.
pink hear: One reason is because you give me lots and lots of food.
yellow heart: I love it when you take care of me when you can.
pink heart: You take me to a lot of places and let me spend the night sometimes.
yellow heart: You guys feel like my bestest friend int he universe.
pink heart: A reason is because we play together a lot.
green heart: I love you guys so much! I'm going to miss you a lot. Love, Molly Giron.

We love you dearly and will miss you so much too Molly!

A weekly post update

Normally I don't like to throw in a post with odds and ends of pictures and thoughts but this week I'll have to do that just because I've been pretty busy around here and haven't had time to blog. So here are the updates:

Judah sitting on the potty.

In his underwear...they don't make small underwear for little guys this small.

Josiah sick and running a 103 fever. He woke up with wild hair as this is what it looks like when he doesn't wet it down and comb it.

Bathtime Buddies!

Looking tired.

Malachi doing school, while Judah sits and watches him. Here they take a break to smile :)

About to climb the stairs again.

Apparently Judah plays Star Wars with the kids and I'm told that Judah is Yoda! Although it is a befitting character for him considering his short stature like Yoda.

A card house the older boys built.

And a "mini couch" the older boys built for their lego guys to sit and watch a movie with them.

Happy 1st Birthday Judah Gabriel!

Happy 1st Birthday my baby boy!!
Born: February 11, 2010

First off, this post is a few days late in thought and writing. I just now am sitting down and putting my thoughts to this blog so here is a tribute to my newly one year old:

I sure love you buddy! I just have to say that I am so very blessed that you have become a part of our lives. You truly are loved so much by us all. I love how you have your siblings wrapped around your fingers! They are more than willing to soothe you if you cry, play with you when they should be doing schoolwork, bathe with you, and dance around you giggling at your silly dance antics. I love how you make me laugh with your two fingers that you just love to suck on! You have never made it through a whole meal yet, or nap time, or maybe even an hour without sucking on your fingers. You make me smile the way you dance to a pencil sharpener. You are the first of your siblings to not be walking by your first birthday but that is ok because you crawl super fast! You crawl so stinkin' fast when chasing your brothers and sister. You are so sweet when you play "hide n seek" with them. The older kids will hide in a bedroom while you crawl so fast to find them. It is so sweet to see your interaction with them. You have used the potty a few times now and you look so cute wearing underwear! I LOVE when you give me wide open kisses and when you shove your whole fist in your mouth and take it out saying "muah". One of your favorite games is to purposefully roll off of the couch into Malachi's arms. Although you do love all your siblings, I think Malachi is your favorite. He is your buddy. He picks you up almost every morning out of your crib, he is the first to jump in and feed you, he occasionally will change your diaper without me asking, and he tries to beat me to your carseat and get you out before I do. He loves to take care of you and play with you. I love how you smile at your brothers and sister when you haven't seen them all night while you were sleeping. It is so cute to see you get so excited and crawl fast to our neighbor Molly(11 yrs) when she comes home from school. You are ticklish but you also know how to turn it off when you aren't in the mood to be tickled. You like me kissing your feet as you will put them to my lips and smile as I kiss them. Judah, in this past year, you have made me smile so much and have brought such great personality to our family. I can't imagine my life without you my sweet son. You are so very precious to me, very unique, and I love you with all my heart, my baby boy! Happy Birthday Judah Gabriel!!