I strive for this verse:

"Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: "Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all." Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised." Proverbs 31:28-30

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Frank is safe

So I got a quick few minute phone call from Frank letting me know that he is officially in Afghanistan now. I'm glad he made it safe but continue to pray for his safety during this deployment.

Today I just layed around and rested while the older boys were at homeschool academy. I did nap a little but am still so tired and have the most awful bags under my eyes. I am going to go to bed earlier tonight to see if that helps. I did manage to make dinner though. I also took the kids to soccer practice and it was so very windy. It is so hard playing here in Colorado during this time because of the wind. The kids didn't seem to mind.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Helpful kids

I am finally feeling better! I was sick from Friday-Monday....pretty sick. I'm not sure what was wrong with me but think it may have been viral meningitis. I'm just so glad that it is over with and I have my energy back....at least most of it! While I was sick, I have to say that my children were such blessings. Josiah helped out by making sure everyone ate...even if it was cereal :) He did make grilled cheese sandwiches for everyone one time! Malachi helped out by holding Judah whenever he wanted company. He really does enjoy taking care of his little brother. The one morning I went into the living room and this is what I saw:

It was just so precious to me! They are all in their jammies and their hair messy but that is just fine with me because it is a sweet moment :) Anyhow, I wanted to post something cute that Aliyah also said yesterday. She said "mommy, Judah is doing his baby talk and he just said sister...oh now he just told me thank you for my kiss." She is so funny all the time and says silly things all the time. I just love her!

As a side note, I did a big grocery trip today and found what I can let the boys do that keeps them occupied rather than bored and running down the aisles. I let Josiah push the cart with Aliyah and food in it (Judah meanwhile hangs out in my maya wrap). And Malachi had the grocery list and his job was to cross things off. I have most always had problems in the past keeping Malachi with me because he gets so bored and will drive his cars down the aisles by seeing how far he can push it and then running after it. I like the list idea better :) At least it is easier for me to keep track of him and as a bonus, it is reading!

I still haven't heard from Frank since he left Kuwait for Afghanistan. Hopefully I will either get an email or phone call from him soon. I know he has been very tired lately poor guy.

Anyhow, lastly I wanted to post some pictures of my older boys and how they help around the house. Today for the first time, Malachi asked to change Judah.

He struggled getting his shirt on.

Still working on that shirt!

Judah seemed happy enough!

Now that the changing is all done, lets go for the smooches!
Here is Aliyah being a big girl carrying her brother.

So during dinner preparation, Judah was fussy and of course Malachi took care of that...

....while Josiah helped put the salad together. It was his first time with the big knife and he did such a great job! I'm so proud of him too!

So I have some very helpful, loving kids. They all are so great in their own individual ways. God has truly blessed me 4 times over now with these sweet kiddos of mine!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Homemade Yogurt

So I always thought that making homemade yogurt was inconceivable...yet lo and behold it is in fact easy! I finally decided to give it a try as it is healthier and definitely cost effective. Let's compare prices before jumping into the recipe below. A quart of yogurt can be found typically for $2-5 depending on brand and whether it is organic. On average, your low cost quart of yogurt is usually $2.50. Now, when I make homemade yogurt I use a whole gallon of milk thus my only cost is the cost of a gallon of milk. For those who forgot your metrics...1 gallon=4 quarts! Thus a savings of roughly 75%!!! Of course there would be a small addition of cost added in for sweetener but in the end it is undeniably a frugal, healthy, and tasty way to go!!


Crock Pot Yogurt

  • Turn your crock pot to low and pour in 1/2 gallon of milk. If you use a whole gallon, make sure you cook according to the temperatures below.
  • Heat on low for 2 hours and 30 minutes. (180 degrees)
  • Once 2 hours and 30 minutes have elapsed turn your crock pot off and unplug it. Let the milk cool in the crock with the lid on for 3 hours. (110-115 degrees)
  • After 3 hours remove 1-2 cups of the warmed milk and place in a bowl. To that add 1/2 cup of yogurt with live active cultures and mix very well.
  • Pour the yogurt-milk mixture back into the milk and whisk thoroughly.
  • Place the cover back on the crock and wrap the entire crock pot in a thick bath towel or two.
  • Let it culture overnight, 8-12 hours.
  • In the morning stir yogurt (if desired) and store in glass quart jars or a container of your choice.
  • For optimum texture, refrigerate for at least 8 hours before using.
  • Now, sweeten as desired with honey, fruit, granola, etc. Or blend with fruit in the blender for an awesome fruit smoothie!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My husband

I wanted to add one more picture of my wonderful husband and I. He is truly the most amazing husband. He is also a fun, playful daddy to the kids. We will miss him so much during this deployment. I just LOVE him!!!! Thank you Frank for all you do for us!

Family Pictures

I just love this one of the kids!

I'm back!

So I started this blog over a year ago but did nothing with it. Well I decided to return on here and actually start posting about my blessed life. I'll just start by changing our status. We are now a family of 6! We have welcomed another precious baby into our lives, our little Judah! He is now about 2 1/2 months old and as sweet as can be. As a baby, I would have to say that he is the easiest of them all! It is a combination of his laid back personality, my experience, and of course his older siblings constantly giving him the attention he desires! He sleeps through the night most nights...which is so great for me :) The older kids didn't sleep through the night until they were about a year old or older. He is a blessing for sure.

On a side note, Frank left a week ago for another deployment. This time to Afghanistan. We all will miss him. It is hard to be separated for so long from your loved one but it is by God's grace and mercy we get through it. It has been testing for me the past few days as I've been pretty sick. I have great kids. Josiah took charge in making sure they all were fed since mommy was laying down and unable to cook. Malachi took care of Judah, holding him and talking with him until he needed to eat or a diaper change :) They are 8 and 6 yrs old and such a big help. Did I mention I have great kids?!! They are awesome!

I decided to go ahead and post some pics from our recent family photo shoot before Frank deployed. It is hard to get 4 kids to smile naturally and the such, however, I think these pictures turned out just fine :)